timber Mini pricelist (2024)

Timber mini price list - VAT INCLUDED

Other sizes and products always available - just enquire

All of our timber is pressure treated, unless otherwise stated

Fencing slats 1800x100mm: -

1800x150mm: -

1500x100mm: -

1500x150mm: -

1200x100mm: -

900x100mm: -

Ranch boards 150x19mm: -

(22mm may be available at times)

Rails 75x38mm:

Posts 100x100mm: -

Posts 75x75mm: -

Postcrete (20kg): - 

Sleepers 200x100mm –

Softwood rough sawn:

Softwood and planed (smooth):

Oak (untreated) 200x100mm:

Reclaimed 260x160mm (approx.):

Charred and brushed, brown treated, 250x125mm:

Softwood decking 145x28mm:

 145x35mm: -

Tile batten 50x25mm: -

Counter batten 38x19mm: -

Shiplap cladding 145x16mm –

Loglap cladding 112x21mm: –

C16 graded joists:

10x2" and 8x2" also available as well as rough sawn & C24 construction grade

Canadian Lumber Standard (CLS) UC2 yellow:

3x2” (68x38mm)

4x2" (89x38mm)

Sheeting material: -

OSB 2400x1200mm : -

Sheathing (construction) plywood 2440x1220mm: -

Hardwood plywood 2440x1220mm : -

Chipboard flooring 2400x600mm: -

Sometimes these prices will be subject to change and may not be updated on the website immediately.